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Life Is Relationships Podcast: Remaining Pure in Today's Hookup Culture

Remaining Pure in Today’s Hookup Culture


When it comes to dating in today’s world, there is often the expectation of immediate sexual intimacy, which leads to a chain of sexual encounters rather than a genuine, committed relationship. The difference between God’s standard for relationships and the world’s can be summed up in one word: covenant. In this episode, Seth Stradling and Seth Williams talk about embracing a life of purity before and after marriage.


God is a covenant-keeping God, and He has created us to be covenant-keeping people. Unfortunately, this has not been modeled well for many individuals. Technology and social media have added to the problem, making it even easier for standards to be compromised. Today’s hookup culture is all about immediate gratification and the pursuit of one’s own desires. What each of us should be seeking, however, is a generational relationship—that is, one that is built to last.


Pursuing purity may require some radical changes, whether you are searching for a spouse or you are already married (because temptation doesn’t end when you say “I do”). We must continually resolve to be diligent in taking every thought captive, while trusting the Lord to give us strength.


  • “What do you do when you get married? That’s easy. You take someone who’s just as useless and horrible as you are, and then you shackle yourself to them. And then you say, we’re not running away no matter what happens.” — Jordan Peterson
  • “If you’ve messed up in relationships, God is the God of new beginnings. His mercies are new this morning. Don’t beat yourself up. Go to Him and ask Him to teach you what a right relationship looks like with Him and others.” — Seth Williams


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