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Heroes Testimony: Strengthening the Next Generation

Heroes Testimony: Strengthening the Next Generation

Abby participated in Heroes Week at The Inn last year after hearing about it from her friends. This action-packed event draws teens from a variety of backgrounds, churches and even from around the world for a summer adventure filled with spiritual, mental, relational and physical challenges. From white water rafting to wilderness backpacking, students are pushed to their limits while learning more about their identity in Christ.

After this experience, Abby decided to pursue a summer internship at The Inn. We sat down with her and her mom, Kathy, to hear more about the factors that led to this decision.

Why do you want to be an intern this summer?

Abby: I want to be an intern because that is where God is calling me. He’s asking me to set aside some time to focus on Him. Now is the time to do it, while I’m young and don’t have other major commitments in my life. I want to take this opportunity to be quiet and listen to Him.

In what ways are you looking to grow through this internship?

Abby: I really want to be in further fellowship with the Lord. I want to learn how to hear his voice better and take on the characteristics of Jesus. My #1 goal this summer is to lay myself down and focus solely on God. I will be able to interact with Him more fully without the distractions of work, school or my phone.

What did you gain most during Heroes Week last summer?

Abby: That week was all about being stretched, and I was stretched. I was able to let go of different things I was holding onto, and that practice continued even after I left.

What was the craziest challenge you experienced last summer?

Abby: The physical challenges pushed me to the extreme! It was fun but intense.

We are raising funds for scholarships for young people like you who want to spend their summer here at The Inn. In your opinion, why should people support the Heroes program?

Abby: Giving generously in anything—whether that be time or money— is an important part of the Christian life. We are to give all we have for the sake of the gospel. Your giving also helps a teen understand that someone made a sacrifice to help them draw closer to the Lord. It lets them know that someone cares enough about them to give up something for them.

Why do you feel it’s important to allow Abby to spend the summer at The Inn?

Kathy: It’s difficult when you come to that time in your life when you have to start letting go of your child. Knowing that she will be surrounded by brothers and sisters in Christ here at The Inn is reassurance that she is being anchored in her faith. Then when she goes off to college, she will have the strength to withstand the storms of the world.

From a parent’s perspective, in what ways did you see your daughter grow last summer?

Kathy: I saw her maturity in Christ develop as she spent more quiet time with Him.

In what ways would you like to see Abby grow this summer?

Kathy: I believe her spiritual walk will be strengthened as she serves God and others and follows the examples of the believers all around her.

Why should donors give to the scholarship program to allow other young people to be a part of what we’re doing here?

Kathy: Leading by example is really important, and we can’t expect our children to grow up to lead and serve if they don’t see us doing that. This is a time for them to grow in strength and responsibility. They are watching everything we do, and we need strong leaders to show them the way. That’s what they get here at The Inn.

You can sow into the next generation by giving to our Firstfruits Scholarship. We are seeking donations with the hope of raising $10,000 to support believers on their journey with Jesus. We invite you to give generously to help young hearts and minds become anchored in Christ.


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