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What is Train to Reign and Why Is It Needed?

What is Train to Reign and Why Is It Needed?


By Seth and Alicia Williams

We just wrapped up our 10-day Train to Reign summer session here at The Inn. We’re always very tired at the end of these programs, but we’re filled with gratitude to see God do what He does. As usual, we were blown away by the transformative work of the Holy Spirit that was evident in the lives of those whom we were honored to serve.

What is Train to Reign?

Offered three times a year, this program is near and dear to the heart of our ministry. It was put into place decades ago by Larry and Susan Pons, and it comes from an intimate place. They share a wealth of wisdom and many personal stories about marriage and parenting, and these sessions are some of the high points of our year.

In addition to group teaching, we provide ample one-on-one coaching and counseling to the individuals and couples who join us. Kids receive ministry from our staff, as well. We have a lot of fun! Whether it’s planned or spontaneous, we make sure there are opportunities to laugh and let loose.

From Surviving to Thriving

The people we receive are typically exhausted from living in survival mode. Many have come out of broken homes, and they have never seen biblical marriage modeled for them. Bad habits and unhealthy patterns have taken root in the household, affecting not just the husband and wife, but also the kids.

We provide a lifeline to people who are drowning and don’t know what to grab onto.

Lots of practical information is provided over the course of 10-14 days, and we help attendees break it down into manageable steps. The Lord is so gracious to give each person their individual plan of action. People come to understand there is a prescription for success, even if it is not what they expected or what the world prescribes. A few simple yet biblical strategies, when put into practice, lead to victory in the home.

God’s Faithfulness to Families

We have the high honor of receiving families and loving on the ones God sends our way. We spend a great deal of time in prayer for each couple, each single parent and their kids, and we are brought to tears by God’s faithfulness to families.

How awesome is it to hit pause for 10 days to two weeks and dedicate that time to improving the rest of our lives?!

One thing that makes Train to Reign unique is that our staff lives on site and functions as a family. It is an immersive experience for those who come and get caught up in the family rhythms we have in place. There is an immediate sense of belonging.

Find Hope at The Inn

If your family could benefit from the tools and training we offer here at The Inn, you don’t have to wait for one of our three Train to Reign sessions. We welcome guests year-round for private retreats, allowing you to step away from the chaos of everyday life into the fullness of God’s vision for your family. To schedule your visit, please contact us through our website or call 828-524-5741.

We pray a blessing over your marriage and family. May the Lord meet you today and give you hope for your situation. Nothing is impossible for him or for those who believe.

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