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Valentine's Day Is More Than Love Songs & Russell Stover Chocolates

Valentine’s Day Is More Than Love Songs & Chocolates

Roses and chocolates and teddy bears, oh my! Valentine’s Day is all about showing your significant other how much you care, but it shouldn’t be the only day of the year you go out of your way to proclaim your love. In a lighthearted episode of the Life is Relationships podcast, Seth and Alicia Williams chat with AJ Selby about making your spouse feel seen all year round.

In the early years of a relationship, it’s easy to create special moments with the one you love. But after years of marriage, when you have been working, serving and raising children together, prioritizing your spouse will require sacrifice. It’s going to cost you something. You must be intentional about loving your partner in creative ways that speak to his or her heart. Don’t resort to something cliché or generic.

“Please don’t bring your wife Russell Stover chocolates. Seriously. If you’re going to bring her chocolates, bring her good quality chocolates.” — Alicia Williams

When the Lord puts an idea on your heart, act on it. Don’t overthink it; just do it. And don’t forget to have fun. Think about activities you did back when you were dating that you haven’t tried in years.

“Start today. Do something simple and unexpected, and watch it bear fruit in your marriage and your life.” — Seth Williams

God is the source of love. He is love. If you have trouble giving love away, remember that you are loved by God. Know that He formed you, and he wants a relationship with you.

“You can’t give from an empty cup. You can only show people love as well as you can receive love, and as well as you can love yourself. If you open yourself up to receiving love, your ability to show love grows exponentially.” — AJ Selby

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